Who is Pewterhooter London?

Pewterhooter provides exquisite English made quality jewellery made from SWAROVSKI Crystals & Fresh Water Pearls. 


 Does your jewellery really sparkle?

 Yes, it's so hard for us to capture this on camera! The only way to see it properly is in person! Check out our Instagram feed, and the posts that our customers have tagged us in. They often manage to catch the sparkle in their videos!


Does Pewterhooter jewellery tarnish over time?

Pewterhooter Jewellery is high-quality quality materials to prevent tarnishing over time. However, like anything else, it will experience a natural life cycle as well as normal wear & tear. We will happily replace any defective products within 30 days of delivery, and you have a 1-year guarantee if you're not happy. Otherwise, treat your hand-made jewellery with care in order to extend the lifetime of the product. 


Can I wear my Pewterhooter jewellery in the shower, pool, or ocean?


In short, we wouldn't recommend it. Water durability for Pewterhooter jewellery depends on which item you've purchased and what metal that style is made out of. Our jewellery will not immediately tarnish or turn green/black when it gets wet. Pewter, silver-plated, and stainless steel products should be fine if briefly exposed to water, but in moderation. Just like anything else, too much exposure to anything will cause harm to the item over time. Sterling silver and rhodium coated chains should be fine if moderately exposed to water, but again, in moderation and keeping them clean with appropriate cleaner is also suggested.


Is your jewellery magnetic? Is it safe to wear with a pacemaker?

Our products may contain magnetic properties. Please consult with your doctor if you are sensitive to magnetic components. 

Do you sell Pewterhooter jewellery at events & in-stores?

Yes. Pewterhooter is sold in over 500 stores throughout the UK and Europe. We also attend a number of events throughout the U.K each year. 

I have allergies. Is it okay to wear Pewterhooter?


If you have severe allergies or are allergic to common metals, then we recommend that you reach out to our customer support team at: sales@pewterhooter.com! Be sure to include your desired products as well as the metals that you are allergic to! We would be more than happy to help you find the perfect Pewterhooter jewellery for your needs!